What Christendom Curriculum Members Are Saying

“There is NO OTHER curriculum like The Christendom Curriculum!” .”

— Marian
“Most curricula are being changed because people are offended by the truth. The Christendom Curriculum tells things the way they are through a Christian viewpoint. Its only political views are nationalist. It is pro-West and pro-America. Most politically correct curricula speak against America and expect America to apologize for everything while ignoring what other groups do.”

— Ariel
“To be honest, this program is worth it for the Battle Papers alone! And the prepared reading lists save you hours of time. Love it!”

— Kimberly
“The Christendom Curriculum is old-school, pun intended, and the simplicity is refreshing. But there is so much information/education packed into this program. I have spent days learning my way around to get ready for starting with my child. It will be a re-education for me!”

— Marian
“I heard about the Battle Papers on the Dissident Mama podcast and they do not disappoint!”

— Jack
I am amazed by all of the information, and guidance to more information, in The Christendom Curriculum. We have been doing orientation since we got this going yesterday. We are truly excited for this school year--or should I say year of education.”

— Sarah
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