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The Christendom Curriculum rejects the globalist and social justice warrior demand to despise our American and Western history, heritage, and heroes.

Instead, we teach children to honor their fathers and mothers of past generations, while looking with hope to a future re-established on the firm foundation of historic Christendom.

The Christendom Curriculum is designed for homeschooling with hope.

Pro-Christendom, Pro-Western Civilization, Pro-America

The Christendom Curriculum is the only homeschool curriculum that not only rejects the Globalist, Cultural Marxist, Social Justice narrative, but also trains your children to recognize and reject that narrative.

No other homeschool curriculum is even considering these vital issues, so crucial to defending Western Civilization in our time.

Everything You Need in One Place


With your Christendom Curriculum membership, you’ll get
everything you need for a successful homeschool experience:


* Hundreds of books and essays in digital form: printable, or viewable on computers, tablets, or phones.


* Key educational and research resources: 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica (29 vols.), 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, Cambridge Medieval History (8 vols.), Ussher’s Annals of the World, et al.

* The Christendom Curriculum Quick Start Guide, a one-page reference to get you up to speed fast.


The Christendom Curriculum Parent's Manual, a detailed, 111-page PDF book to help you and your children make the most of the adventure of homeschooling.


Complete Guide PDFs for every Year with specific instructions on the books and subjects covered.


Battle Papers: our unique series of dozens of Worldview Essays to guide your students’ reading.

The Christendom Curriculum Daily Schedule, a 180-day, 36-week schedule spreadsheet to use as a daily checklist, and as a record of your child’s academic progress and accomplishment through the years.


* Unique, K–12 focus on Christendom, and the story of God’s gracious work in European and American civilization.


* Integrated study of Bible, History, Literature, Art, Music, and Science in our original structure of The Four Ages of Christendom: Christendom Rising (Ancient World), Christendom Triumphant (Medieval World), Christendom Besieged (Modern World), and Christendom Reborn (Future World).


Culture War for Kids, a unique series of essays preparing kids for the challenges of our civilization, but in an age-appropriate way.


* No boring (and probably inaccurate) textbooks. Read original sources, histories, literature, legends, and letters instead.


* Our own Study Helps series of essays, including “How to Read Books for Learning: A Simple Approach” among many others.

* Phonics, Math, Spelling, Grammar, and Geography instruction.

The Jordan Chronological Bible, available nowhere else.

* Intensive Practical Experience in Developing Writing Skills. Weekly essay requirements for Bible, History, and Literature.


* Hundreds of Copy Work pages derived from the Bible and great works of history and literature. Develop language and writing skills from an early age.


* Students will go through every one of Shakespeare’s plays, along with many more great works of Western Literature.


* Readings in Biblical Theology, Western History and Literature, Law, Ethics, and Culture War Tactics and Strategy.


* Readings in Logic, Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Western Philosophy.


* Readings in practical Business Skills: How to Start an Online Business; How to Manage Your Finances; How to Create a YouTube Channel, etc.


* Practical Culture War Skills: How to Survive an SJW Attack; How to Engage in Social Media Debate; How to Work for Reform in the Local Church; Christendom Goals for Local Politics.


* The best curriculum for passing on your worldview and faith to your children, through daily Wisdom of the Fathers sessions, a designated time for parents to speak to their children, answering questions and ensuring that the legacy of their deepest convictions is passed on to the next generation.


* Can be used as a full K-12 curriculum or to supplement your current curriculum with pro-Western, pro-American, anti-political correctness materials.


The Cost: The Christendom Curriculum provides books and materials for your children’s education, Pre-K through High School. With a price of only $187.00 $99.99/year for the entire program, that comes to less than fifty-six cents per day, for your whole family, for all years.

Teach Your Children To Read, Write, Think…and Defend Their Civilization

Give your children a top-notch education, including Bible, phonics, classic books, math, spelling, writing, geography, grammar, history, and more in the younger grades; ending in high school with advanced studies in literature, theology, economics, and politics, among others.

They'll also get books and readings designed to provide a thorough grounding in the culture wars, preparing your children for encounters with Globalists, Feminists, and Social Justice Warriors.


A Treasure-Trove of Benefits

* Complete K-12 curriculum: Replace or supplement your existing curriculum.

* Self-Taught Study: Save hundreds of hours of parental time.

* Save money: Digital books and delivery means your cost is far lower than almost every other curriculum.

* Easy to Use: Covering all subjects through a back-to-basics, Three R's approach, students spend their academic hours reading, writing, and learning mathematics.

* Protect your children from the propaganda of those who hate them and are seeking to destroy American and Western cultures.

* The only Christian Nationalist homeschool curriculum on the market.

* Teach children the Story of Christendom, Christ's rule over the nations.

* Pass on the legacy of your values, free of politically-correct, anti-American, anti-Western bias.

* Free Bonus Gifts, available when ordering from this page.

What Homeschool Parents Are Saying

“We used the same curriculum for years, one that cost me thousands. Meanwhile, The Christendom Curriculum, which only cost me a hundred dollar bill, is surpassing my previous curriculum by far! I have to buy so many extra books to beef up all other curricula, but I don't have to do that with this one!”

— Cherie
“This is a real Christian curriculum without the sugar coating, teaching children to stand firm in their faith despite culture wars, and using the classical books we love. Best of all, it won't cost $900/year for each child!"

— Denise
“Faced with the reality of culture war, too many Christians gently back up and continually give up ground while doing everything they can to apologize for existing, trying desperately not to offend. With The Christendom Curriculum, someone is finally just doing something thousands of homeschooling moms contemplate all the time. I think you are brave and it's so awesome to see someone wanting to fight back!"

— Karen
"I have to admit I was a little skeptical--too good to be true . But the more I looked into it and who created it (William Chad Newsom) the more I was sold. I would also recommend spreading this website around and give them as much attention as possible. There really is no other homeschool program like it that I’ve been able to find.

— Gerald
"The Christendom Curriculum does not just teach the three R’s – reading, writing, and arithmetic – it teaches your child to grow into a culture warrior in the battle to preserve and advance the culture, philosophy, and faith of our ancestors."

— Ted
“I signed up right when The Christendom Curriculum was first released so I speak from experience when I give my recommendation. I use it for my 8 and 10 year old children and am excited to see what the older grades hold. If you're familiar with Robinson-style curriculum, this will be right up your alley. I personally lean towards the classical model of education and find this curriculum blends well. "Wonderful God-centered, in-depth educational program for K-12!"

— Mary
"I love the 'one room schoolhouse' style, so many subjects can be taught as a family. This gives us opportunity for collaborative study and has started a family hobby! My kids are thriving with the math and the phonics. We're loving it and having so much fun!"

— Debra
"I have been touting your amazing curriculum since I first heard about it from the Dissident Mama. So much so, that I signed on in order to support what you’re doing, even though I’m not a homeschooling mom. I enjoy browsing the Battle Papers, Study Helps, and all the other wonderful resources." 

— Marge
“I love how this curriculum will give you an honest view of history and you can use it for ALL your children. The resources are amazing! This curriculum has lowered the number of other resources I have to purchase as well.

— Adelle
"This is a Christian curriculum through and through. I also like how it fights the politically correct teaching that is starting to infect our Christian culture. So far I have loved the set up and how it works well with our Classical/Charlotte Mason family style learning."

— Alice
"Finally a Christian curriculum with a backbone! I highly recommend Christendom Curriculum!!" 

— Marilyn
I am loving what I’m learning and is being offered by this curriculum! With all the different homeschool programs that are available on the market, I know of only one other approach that is concerned with our nation going back to its Christian roots. So thankful for this option! Definitely worth the money!”

— Melanie

Save Time and Money

The proven self-taught  model used in The Christendom Curriculum saves parents a tremendous amount of time.

And when it comes to money? While government schools spend $10,000 or more per student, per year. and even Homeschool families can expect to spend at least $500 per student, per year, The Christendom Curriculum employs digital books and online delivery to keep the cost as low as possible.

For this limited special offer, we're cutting the price from $187.00/year to only $99.99/year. That price gets you access to our complete Pre-K - 12 home education system.

No extra costs for additional children, no textbooks to purchase,* no monthly fees.

That’s less than 56 cents per day to educate all your children, for all your homeschooling years.

Plus: Join our Christendom Curriculum Ambassador Program, where you'll earn $20.00 for every person you refer who joins The Christendom Curriculum. Refer five people per year, and you'll never have to pay a penny for the Curriculumas you'll have earned enough to cover your annual tuition fee. Refer more than five, and you're earning extra money for your family budget.

* In a small minority of cases, where digital copies of assigned books are not available, we provide links to online sources for purchasing these few books, along with a link to a remarkable source where you can check out digital and audio books through your local library—online!

Free Bonus Gifts
Limited time. Only available when ordering from this page.
The Christendom Curriculum was not created by a company, church, or organization, but by a small business, run by a homeschool family.

My name is W. C. Newsom, the father of the family, and I wrote the original essays and other materials included in The Christendom Curriculum.

I have a background in creating training materials, and in professional writing and editing. I have written or contributed to ten books, including two novels, along with worldview essays and class sessions on Shakespeare, C. S. Lewis, Tennyson, Hemingway, and others, for a popular Western Civilization homeschool curriculum.

When you join The Christendom Curriculum, you will get the following bonus gifts from us absolutely free:
Free Bonus # 1

A signed, personalized copy of my book, Talking of Dragons, which, in addition to being a family guide through the children’s books of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, also concludes every chapter with practical tips for building a storytelling culture in your home.

This is the book conservative scholar and author Bradley J. Birzer says “offers us many excellent insights into the minds of Tolkien and Lewis”, and pastor and author Douglas Wilson says “provides very shrewd and practical help to parents who want to grow in their love of story, along with their children.”

Free Bonus # 2

A PDF version of my eBook, Family Lore: Kindling a Love of Story in Children, written for families, and full of practical tips and useful ideas on getting kids interested in books and stories, including tips for reluctant readers and suggestions for intelligent interaction with books and movies.

These bonuses are limited-time only, so don’t miss out on them. Join The Christendom Curriculum today using the link button below.

Important: After joining, send me a message in our Christendom Curriculum member's only group (access will be provided) and let me know you joined via the Christendom Homeschool website.

A New Beginning

This is your chance to begin passing on the legacy of Christendom to your children. It’s time to reclaim what has been lost, to raise up a new generation to defend, and rebuild, American and Western Civilization.

It's time for a new era of hope for the future.

Replace or supplement your homeschool program with The Christendom Curriculum today, and you’ll get a complete K-12 Christian Nationalist homeschool curriculum, free of political correctness, for only $187.00 $99.99/year.

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